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Take Action: Tell Congress to Support Environmental Protection Along the Border!

Border Fence photo
Mountain lion stranded at Sasabe border wall near the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge, Arizona.

U.S. policies along our southern border are proving ineffective, costly, and harmful to people and the environment. Construction of border walls has not curbed undocumented immigration, but has cost taxpayers an average of $4.5 million per mile! Over 600 miles of border walls and barriers have been constructed in all four southern border states, with dozens of miles still being constructed or planned. The authority given to the Secretary of Homeland Security by the Real ID Act has been used to waive federal laws along the border so that walls, roads, and other harmful infrastructure are built without regard to environmental protection or public health and safety.

Border Fence photo
July 2008 flooding in Nogales, Sonora and Nogales, Arizona.

This reckless project has meant dire consequences for vast expanses of pristine wild lands, including wildlife refuges, wilderness areas, and national forest lands, among others. Several species of wildlife have been observed and photographed stranded by the border wall, suggesting that many endangered species are suffering the same fate. The border wall in Nogales caused severe flooding that buried downtown homes and businesses underneath six feet of water, drowning two people and costing millions of dollars in damages. In Texas, condemnation proceedings against border municipalities and landowners precede a wall that blocks people and animals from access to the Rio Grande River. Hundreds of people continue to die each year from dehydration and exposure as border walls funnel migrants deeper into the desert.

Border Fence photo
Mule deer blocked by the new border wall through the San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area, Arizona.

The Sierra Club takes a strong stance against policies that promote environmental degradation including those that provide for destructive border enforcement activities. We support solutions such as interagency cooperation among enforcement agencies such as the Border Patrol and land management entities such as the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The Sierra Club supports rational border policies that allow those on the ground to gain operational control of the border rather than adhering to symbolic mandates to construct walls. The Border Security and Responsibility Act of 2009 (HR 2076) provides guidance to move towards a more sane and just border policy.


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Encounter In The Desert

The International League of Conservation Photographers sent a team of world-renowned photographers, with writers, filmmakers, and scientists to the borderlands of the United States and Mexico to document the wildlife, ecology, and effect of immigration and the border wall on this landscape. Visit RAVE site.

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