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Resources for Positive Change on the Border

Use these resources, materials, and links to get more information, spread the word, and take action for better border solutions:


Borderlands Campaign Summary 2010

TCS Border Wall Costs Fact Sheet:

Sierra Club Migration Factsheet:

Threatened and Endangered Species of the Borderlands:

Border Enforcement Factsheet: 

Border Security on Public Lands Talking Points:

Borderlands Full-color Photo Piece:

FACES of the borderlands:

DHS "cat holes" flier:

Sierra Club's Google Earth borderlands tour:

Borderlands Power Point presentation:

Borderland Power Point to be used in conjunction with Google Earth borderlands tour:

"Wild Versus Wall" border film:

* Video: A Wall Is A Wall


Interagency Cooperation on US-Mexico Border Wilderness Issues, Kirk Emerson & Associates, September, 2010:

Similar Government Accountability Office report:

Potential Effects of the United States-Mexico Border Fence on Wildlife, Flesch et al, 2009 Conservation Biology:

Over The Line (Real ID Waiver Unconstitutional), Winner of 2010 Fisher Environmental Law Prize:

Evaluating U.S. Immigration Control Policy, What Mexican Migrants Can Tell Us, Wayne Cornelius, UC San Diego, April, 2009:

Border wall floods Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, July 2008:

Border wall causes flooding in Nogales, 2008

Economic Inequality Predicts Biodiversity Loss, Mikkelson et al, 2007 PLoS ONE 2(5): e444:

Humanitarian Crisis: Migrant Deaths at the U.S.-Mexico Border, Maria Jimenez, American Civil Liberties Union, Oct, 2009:

9th World Wilderness Congress - Resolution 6: North American Wildlife and the US-Mexico Border / La vida silvestre de Norteamérica y el Muro Fronterizo EE.UU.-México, Nov, 2009:

EPA: Good Neighbor Environmental Board's border infrastructure recommendations to President Obama, Dec, 2009:

En espanol:

Full Report:

Nicole Miller, How Property Rights are Affected by the Texas-Mexico Border Fence: A Failure Due to Insufficient Procedure, 45 Tex Int'l L.J. 631 (2010)

Global decline in aggregated migrations of large terrestrial mammals, Harris, et al, Endangered Species Research, May, 2009:

NPR story on above listed study:

* As fences cut off migration, hoofed species decline, June 12, 2009:

* US-Mexico Environmental Treaty Impediments to Tactical Security Infrastructure along the International Boundary, Stephen P. Mumme and Oscar Ibanez, Natural Resources Journal, Summer-Fall, 2009.

* The Environmental Impacts of the Border Wall Between Texas and Mexico, Lindsay Eriksson and Melinda Taylor, 2008?


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Border Film 




Borderlands Map

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