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Conservation Issues

Border — Protect Arizona’s sensitive borderlands and wildlife

Border traffic and Border Patrol activities attempting to deter undocumented immigration have resulted in severe damage to fragile lands along the entire border. Rare and unique species such as the Sonoran pronghorn, jaguar, ocelot, and many other species that inhabit the border region are threatened by these actions. Protecting these species and other wildlife encompasses a key Grand Canyon Chapter priority.

Learn more about this issue and what you can do to help at our Border page

Energy — Promote energy efficiency and renewable energy sources such as solar and wind 

The Grand Canyon Chapter works to reduce energy consumption through energy efficiency and conservation and to transition energy generation from coal, gas, and nuclear to clean renewable resources such as solar and wind.

Find out more at our Energy Page.

Grand Canyon — Restore and protect Grand Canyon & the greater Grand Canyon ecoregion.

The Greater Grand Canyon Ecoregion encompasses a diverse, wild, and remote landscape that includes two national monuments, two national forests, numerous wilderness areas, and the crown jewel of our national park system: Grand Canyon National Park. This project works for healthier public lands in the region to ensure a resilient habitat for the diverse species that inhabit these lands; world-class recreational opportunities for visitors; and adequate resources for surrounding communities.

Find out more at our Grand Canyon page.

Public Lands — Protect Arizona’s Wild Lands

Arizona’s more than 30.5 million acres of public lands provide outstanding recreational opportunities, support an incredible diversity of plants and animals, house important cultural and historical artifacts, and so much more. Sierra Club seeks to protect and restore these special areas and what they offer in the way of respite and recreation, wildlife habitat, watershed functions, and clean air.

Find out more at our Public Lands page.

Water — Protect Arizona’s Rivers, Streams, and Groundwater

Water is one of the most essential components of a healthy environment and healthy communities. Here in our arid state, as everywhere, water is life. We work to protect, restore, and maintain the ecological integrity of Arizona’s rivers, streams, and groundwater resources.

Find out more at our Water page.

Wildlife — Protect and Conserve Arizona’s Native Wildlife and Habitats

Arizona is one of the most biologically diverse states in the nation. However, 45 species of animals and 17 plants are listed as threatened or endangered in our state, making Arizona one of the top 10 states with regards to the number of species on the path to extinction. Sierra Club seeks to protect our native species as well as the habitat on which they depend.

Find out more at our Wildlife page.

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