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Chair:  Denise Aston

Part of the largest grassroots environmental organization in the country, Sierra Club Outings provides high-quality outdoor adventures for people of all ages, abilities, and interests.

We've been doing it for more than a century, ever since Sierra Club founder John Muir discovered an essential truth while out hiking the high country: If you want people to go to bat for the environment, he realized, you've got to get them out into the wilderness. "If people in general could be got into the woods, even for once, to hear the trees speak for themselves, all difficulties in the way of forest preservation would vanish," he said back in 1901

That's always been the guiding principle here, and it's resulted in a lot of excellent trips, year after year. There's another thing, though, that sets our program apart: the volunteer leaders who scout, plan, and lead all of our outings. Nobody pays them for their efforts. Rather, they do it out of a sheer love for the land.

Outings Calendar

Chapter Outings
The Sierra Club is a nationwide organization with an active local outings program for members and nonmembers alike. You're invited to explore the beauty of Arizona while making friends and possibly finding new life enriching interests.

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Phoenix Inner City Outings Program (ICO)
The Inner City Outings Program provides opportunities for people, primarily inner city youth, to experience wilderness and nature in a way that they rarely can in an urban environment. The program partners with non-profit agencies who serve these communities. We hope that by building a relationship with nature for these special people, we will spark a love for the out-of-doors that will ultimately help to protect these areas for future generations. We also hope that our Sierra Club leaders will provide positive role models and good examples of friendship, caring, and cooperation. Overall, our goal is to get out of the city and enjoy Arizona at its best while positively affecting someone's life.

More ICO info, Calendar of Events, and Outing Reports

Phoenix Sierra Club Singles
Experience the natural beauty of Earth's wild lands and the habitat it supports with conscientious individuals like yourself. Visit the Sierra Club Singles web pages for hiking, biking, backpacking and other outings. Sierra Club Singles is an activity section of the Palo Verde Group Sierra Club.

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Participation Guidelines

The Sierra Club is a nationwide organization with active local outings for members and non-members. Please join us as we make friends and explore life-enriching interests. Membership in the Sierra Club is not required to attend, but all participants will need to sign a liability waiver in order to participate.

If you would like to go on an outing, please contact the leader of that trip as a reservation is needed. It is recommended that you do so at least a week in advance of the outings so that the trip leader can make the necessary arrangements to accommodate the number of participants. Please make sure the trip leader has a way to contact you quickly in case plans have to be changed. Trip leaders may screen participants for the skills and equipment necessary for the particular type of outing being conducted.

Each hike is rated for degree of difficulty and risk by the leader as noted below:

A” >16 miles or >3,000 ft. EC (elevation change)
"B” 8–16 miles and 1,500–3,000 ft. EC
"C” 3–8 miles, 500–1,500 ft. EC
"D” <3 miles and 500 ft. EC
RT (Round Trip)
OW (One Way)


No firearms, radios, or pets unless specifically approved in advance by the leader. All outings are non-smoking.


Sign-In Sheet and Liability Waiver. Trip leader has absolute authority to question trip participants as to their equipment, conditioning, and experience before and during the trip. All participants on Sierra Club outings are required to sign a standard liability waver. If you would like to read the liability waver before you choose to participate in an outing, please go to Sierra Club liability covers leaders only. Each person is responsible for his or her own first aid equipment. If you are injured, notify the leader immediately. If you leave the trip, with or without the leader’s permission, you are considered to be on your own until you rejoin the group.

Transportation Policy

Outings participants are responsible for their own transportation to and from the outing site.  Participants are highly encouraged to make carpool arrangements either prior to attending or at the meeting site (if different from the outing site). Participants will share the driver’s fuel expense. Suggested compensation is 5 cents/mile.


Donations accepted from all participants at $1 (member) and $3 (nonmember). Money is collected by the leader and deposited with the group treasurer to help fund the group and local conservation issues. For more information, call Jim Vaaler, 602-553-8208.

Resources for Leaders

Sheet and Liability Waiver (PDF file) or (Word file)

Arizona Outings Location Advisories

Postings of Fragile, Overused, or Politically Sensitive Areas (FOPS)

Please visit the Outings Location Advisories Page for more information.

Leave No Trace

We support Leave No Trace Principles

• Plan Ahead and Prepare
• Concentrate Use in Resistant Areas
• Avoid Places Where Impact is Just Beginning
• Pack It In, Pack It Out
• Properly Dispose of What You Can't Pack Out
• Leave What You Find
• Use Fire Responsibly