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municipalities; counties; wildland-urban interface regulation

Our Position: support
Bill Number: HB2578
Sponsor: Pratt, Shope
Legislative Session: 2014 Legislative Session


HB2578 municipalities; counties; wildland-urban interface regulation   allows local government to better protect communities that contain a wildland-urban interface area from fire by establishing ordinances that require the owner, lessee or occupant of property that is located in the wildland-urban interface area to remove hazardous vegetation or other accumulation that constitutes a wildfire hazard.

Arizona’s lands are at risk due to climate disruption, extensive drought, invasive species, and the continuation of land management practices that have created unhealthy conditions – logging of the larger fire-resistant trees, fire suppression, and overgrazing, to name a few. 

The last 12 years have been a period of unusually intense drought. Much of Arizona is still in drought, and some areas are in extreme drought. Dry forests are tinder waiting to go up in flames when careless individuals’ abandoned campfires get out of control, which has been the cause of many of Arizona’s larger fires, including the largest fire in Arizona history. 

Under these conditions it is impossible to “fireproof” the forest, but there are ways to minimize the damage and to protect people and their homes. Restoration of a healthy forest is key. 

We recommend that the Arizona Legislature help communities with wildfire protection plans and assist private land owners with clearing their own property as the most effective means of protecting homes and communities from fire.


05/05/2014 - It passed out of the House and was never heard in the Senate.

Action Needed

The bill is dead, so no action is needed.

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