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Ballot Measures:
NOW: legislation; referenda challenges

Our Position: oppose
Bill Number: SB1167
Sponsor: Yarbrough
Legislative Session: 2011 Legislative Session

SB1167 had a strike-everything amendement added that, if passed, enacts an emergency measure to establish a statute of limitations for actions to challenge the legal sufficiency of a measure referred by the legislature.  It says the challenge must be filed within 20 days in non-election years and within 10 days during election years.  This will severely limit the ability of individuals and groups to challenge the lawfulness and constitutionality of measures referred by the Arizona Legislature as there will be an extremely limited amount of time to analyze, consider, and seek legal council.  It will further advantage the paid lobbyists and the groups they represent versus public interest groups that may or may not have the capacity to engage regularly in the legislative process.  This bill also sets a double standard for referenda from the legislature and citizen initiatives.  


The bill is now law.  To see the final bill status, click on SB1167.

Action Needed

Tell Governor Brewer you are disappointed that she signed the bill.  You can call her at (602) 542-4331 or toll free at 1-(800) 253-0883.  Email her by clicking on Governor Brewer and then filling in the online form. 


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