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Rincon Group Outings

* Hiking Guidelines *

RESTRICTIONS:  NO FIREARMS, RADIOS or PETS. Outings are by reservation. Call early (maximum group limit 20). Each hike is rated for degree of difficulty and risk by the leader:
"A"  16 miles or more + 3,000 ft. elevation change (EC)
"B"  8 - 16 miles and 1,500 - 3,000 ft. EC
"C"  3 - 8 miles and 500 - 1,500 ft. EC             RT - Round-Trip
"D"  less than 3 miles and 500 ft. EC               OW - One-way

The Fine Print - Trip leader has absolute authority to question trip participants as to their equipment, conditioning and experience before and during the trip. All participants on Sierra Club outings are required to sign a standard liability waver. If you would like to read the liability waver before you choose to participate in an outing, please go to or contact the National Outings Dept. at (415) 977-5528 for a printed version. Sierra Club liability covers leaders only. In addition to the outings leaders' first aid equipment, it is recommended that each person bring their own first aid kit. If you are injured, notify the leader immediately. If you leave the trip, with or without the leader's permission, you are considered to be on your own until you rejoin the group. Participants are encouraged to carpool and share the driver's fuel expense. Suggested compensation is 5 cents/mile. Donations accepted from all participants at $1 (member) and $3 (nonmember). Money is collected by the leader and deposited with the group treasurer. Outings are also listed in the Rincon Group newsletter.

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Scheduled Outings

Liability Waiver:

All participants on Sierra Club outings are required to sign a standard liability waiver. If you would like to read the liability waiver before you choose to participate on an outing, refer to the public Web site at:


Do you enjoy hiking, rock climbing, biking or camping with others and showing them areas that you enjoy? Here's your chance to become an outing leader for our local Rincon Group! We are also looking for leaders for other types of outings such as dinners, movie/theatre nights, and other social activities. It's lots of fun and you'll meet many interesting people who enjoy stimulating conversation and share your love of the outdoors and preserving the environment. You will experience a sense of camaraderie as you trek through the desert, mountains and streams.

The time commitment is minimal. You can lead previous outings you have already done or pick new adventures to lead by consulting various outdoor guide books, or by receiving assistance from your local Outings Chair, yours truly.

Once every four months we will have an Outing Leaders' Planning Meeting where we will exchange ideas, discuss updates pertaining to outing leaders, and plan and schedule leading outings for hiking, biking, backpacking, camping, climbing and other outdoor activities for the next newsletter. Outing leaders are encouraged to attend and take an active part in the planning, but we all have busy lives so if you are not able to attend, you may submit your outings to me via e-mail. Just write up your description (including your contact information and the hike "level" according to Sierra Club standards). We want to keep with the Sierra Club Mission Statement so it's great if you include an educational or conservational oriented purpose in your description.

Hikes or biking can be of any distance or elevation gain. Just lead outings that you are comfortable with. You will need to choose a date approximately one to three months in advance to lead the hike. Climbing outings fall under a different set of standards, and leaders must go through an approval process from the Sierra Club Mountaineering Oversight Committee. Folks interested in becoming a Mountaineering Outing Leader should contact me directly.

Then, as your outing day approaches, people will call and/or email you (you will get the best response if both are available.) After careful screening of prospective participants to make sure that they are physically able to partake in your outing and letting them know what to bring, just make arrangements for a time and convenient meeting place. It's that easy. If you would like more information about becoming an outing leader, just call me at at 520-991-1199 or

See you in the great outdoors!


Mitch Stevens
Outings Chair